Paul Piazza II story

Today’s Paul

So who is the Paul of today’s Paul Piazza Upholstery? He was a little blonde baby boy that got his first hair cut in the shop.  He spent many an afternoon napping on a sheet of foam as his Dad upholstered. He wasted box after box of chalk drawing on the shop floor. He got too many flat tires to count riding his bike over tacks in the shop. He kept a bucket of baseballs and his bat in the shop always ready for batting practice. He used the rafters of the shop to do pull-ups to keep in shape for track

New haircut


Pre haircut


Paul’s niece hitting him with dacron

He made a 1000 buttons, swept up a 1,000,000 staples, and listened to 100’s of stories about his family. All the while soaking in the craft handed down to him from his grandfather. He put a lot of blood, sweat and blisters into the building of his current shop

 He spent hours doing pro bono work for his siblings, and a thing or two for his Mom. He’s watched karma pay him back as his nieces and nephews waste his boxes of chalk.

Digging the footer for the shop
Building the super wall (future story)


  He upholstered while his fiancée planned their wedding in the shop. He took his “save the date photos” in front of the shop and had his rehearsal dinner inside the shop.

  He’s now preparing to introduce his own son to “the shop.”

  The bar has been set high by previous generations, but Paul has step up to the plate and continues the quality craftsmanship this family business has provided for decades. It’s good to see “the shop” will continue to be an ever present part of his life, as he and his wife go about the business of being a family.

Paul and wife.
rehearsal dinner setup. for Paul’s wedding.
Save the date